Our Values

Mobile Social Clinic

Our Mission is to provide counselling services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and senior adults from all backgrounds. We are honored to work alongside you as we navigate these uncertain times and challenges of life. In the midst of the current circumstance and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, we provide support with: Competency, Compassion & collaboration. 


The vision of the Mobile Social Clinic is to serve the public through the use of Registered Social Work professionals. Utilizing their specialized skills, proficiency and professional knowledge base. By connecting Competent RSW professionals with the greater community we can promote the pursuit of collective social wellness. 

Our therapists can meet you in-community where our walk-and-talk therapy approach can be explored. Many find this approach to therapy particularly enjoyable as it provides the opportunity to connect with your therapist while practicing mindfulness and physical activity .
Our virtual options put therapy in the palm of your hand and enables you to connect anytime either individually one-to-one or in a group setting. Virtual or text-based therapy has been recognized to be as effective if not more effective than traditional brick and mortar therapy services.



We Can Help.


Interested in starting your wellness journey? we are always accepting new referrals 24/7 365.



We provide real life support 


The vision of the Mobile Social Clinic is to serve the public through the use of Registered Social Worker's (RSW) professional knowledge, skills & proficiency to promote the pursuit of collective social wellness; nurturing ourselves, others and our relationships. We value Connection and strive to create safe spaces where you are seen and heard in a judgment free and confidential environment. We recognize the courage involved with taking that first step.
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We offer in-home therapy service where our therapist will come to you for your scheduled session. We understand the barriers some people may experience accessing outpatient therapy, in-home is the perfect option. We abide by all current COVID-19 regulations. Safety & health is our first priority. 


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