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About us.

The Mobile Social Clinic is a co-founded space, with 40+ years combined experience in the field of Social Services.


Our educational background includes the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Manitoba and Dalhousie University.

We know first hand how the gaps in service create challenges for individuals and families accessing supports.

Who are we?

Our team is made of a wide range of RSW therapists who have unique practice focus working with individuals and families across the life cycle from birth to senior care.  Realizing all of the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our society we knew we had to act now, and the Mobile Social Clinic was created with the intention of bridging these gaps of service. We practice in a way that provides hands on, competent and timely supports to those in need in a safe space for both service users and providers to practice.  ​By connecting RSW Therapists with the greater community we are hopeful that we can promote the pursuit of a greater collective social wellness for all. For whatever the reason, we know life happens and we are here to help.


Parents and Child


Man on Wheelchair

Elder Care Planning

Couples Therapy

Relationship Therapy

Life Coach

Mental Health

& Many More..

*The list is not exhaustive, if your need is not mentioned above please contact us and we can explore options to meet your need.
Attentive Therapist

Individual Therapy

Senior with Mask

Pandemic Related Burnout

** Covered by most insurance plans 

** Medical referral not required 

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